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It starts with creating an innovative investor centric business model

Investing in property should be stress free and profitable when done well. That’s why we've developing a unique system for the leasing and management of residential property that maximises your property’s potential.

Whether you are a first time investor, multiple owner or you’re considering leasing out your family home, making the right choice of Property Manager can make a world of difference.


The FIVE Pillars of the LEASETEAM Property Management Standard

1. Drive Maximum Returns

2. The importance of attention to detail applied to preventative maintenance.

3. Acquiring and developing  optimal tenants. 

4. Serving and sustaining optimal tenants

5. Duty of care applied to the complete life cycle of property managment

How Optimised Property Management with LEASETEAM can help you

It starts with an investor centric business model

LEASETEAM Property Management have created a unique business model based upon improving the complete life cycle of property management. Our value proposition to landlords is to offer  a complete service that ensures optimised yield on investment. We back this up by applying tailored strategies to deliver best outcomes for your property goals. Our focused attention to constant and never ending improvement to our service makes us confident that we are best property managers to assist you. 

Transferring your property

We make changing your property manager a seamless process. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of everything, even if there is a fixed term lease in place. There are no costs involved and we will collect the keys and all paperwork, communicate with your tenant and complete the entire process without disruption.

Pricing Structure 

Management Fee
5.5% inc GST (Capped at $250 per month)
Letting Fee
$1.1 x weeks rent (50% off when retaining tenant)
Lease preparation

Major Benefits

  1. No administration fees ever
  2. Significant savings for higher priced rentals with our management fee's capped at $250 per month
  3.  Highly experienced staff and operational support in all areas of property management
  4. Longer office hours, 8am-8pm Monday to Sunday
  5. Deal with the owner direct 24/7 for all urgent matters
  6. Free membership to "Property Concierge" Valued at $350 PA
  7. Discounted contractor services for Pre lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, Smoke detector testing, Painting and Gardening
  8. Complimentary project management assistance for all property enhancements including, painting flooring, Bathroom, Kitchens and Landscaping

Higher standards applied to all areas of property Management

  • Regular rental reviews every 6 months and we maintain an active lease at all times

  • Minimum vacancy periods – fast lease turnaround with most properties leased within 7-10 days

  • Thorough tenant selection process to get the right tenants

  • Strict zero tolerance rental arrears policy

  • Extensive advertising, marketing and online exposure with Australia’s leading property sources

  • 24/7 online landlord and tenant secure portal to your property details and performance

  • Proactive maintenance using our network of qualified tradespeople

  • Detailed monthly statement and end of financial year reports

J.Viles / Bondi 


"Lease Team just let our apartment out. We have been blown away by their commitment to us to do whatever it takes to find and place the right tenant. It’s particularly rare to find this attention to detail for such a small rental - We are huge promoters of the business"

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